The blessings and toll of life., June 18, 2009, by B. Baker (Los Angeles, CA USA)

“Sang-Eun Lee Bukaty’s beautiful autobiography is rich in scope and as honest as anything I have ever read.
From the very first pages I was hooked. Beginning in Seoul we are introduced to a family of tradition and heritage,
and unfortunately for grandfather, another granddaughter.

Sang-Eun invites us into her life’s story and captures our hearts. From the invasion of South Korea to her family’s harrowing ordeal during occupation, I felt like I was reading a spy novel. With brutally honest descriptions of life and the confusion and pain of dealing with issues that all children face, it was stirring to know that someone could put such thoughtful and poignant words down on paper.

Her life as an artist begins and it is wonderful. There are stories about music and food and boys, and yet throughout it all her devotion to her family and talent is inspirational. Life in America proves to be a challenge, but with her usual grace and economy she takes us on a ride that is both funny and heartbreaking. I recommend it not just to mothers and daughters, but also to anyone who yearns to experience a journey worth taking. It is an important book about the blessings and toll of life.