We need more memoirs like this, June 20, 2009, by E. Chang

“Ms. Bukaty writes an honest, enveloping memoir of trials and tribulations, but also of pure joy and love. One of the most remarkable things about this memoir is its author, a first-generation Korean-American mother. How often do first-generation Asian-American women write memoirs of their lives, in English, no less? The author of Grace Notes does an excellent job of balancing her Korean and American lives, earning her the true title of a Korean-American woman. From the beginning I was drawn in by her childhood experiences, and especially her relationships with her father, mother and sisters. Furthermore, you will find yourself effortlessly learning about what it is like to grow up in Korea – with the holidays, funerals and preparation of traditional meals described in complete detail. The author’s note is another highlight of the book, as it artistically, poetically explains why she chose to write the story of her life. Upon finishing the book, you will wonder who wrote this book, but at the same time, you will feel as if you experienced everything by her side.”