From the beginning to the end, Sang-Eun Lee Bukaty’s compassion, love and grace had me tear up quietly…. By Dr. Yun-Sook Hong, retired professor University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Han-Yang University in Seoul

I found myself savoring each word, counting pages, afraid the story would end. Ms. Bukaty sets out the chapters in chronological order but each chapter as a separately standing piece.  She chronicles her life’s journey through distinct episodes.  The author allows the reader to feel with her through the dialogue and the gripping description of her emotions.

For someone who shared the same campus, (I went to Ewha Girl’s High School) Sang Bukaty’s honest and detailed description, particularly her incredibly vivid memory as a 5-year old child was so engaging, at times I felt as if I was reading my story.

A reader can only come away feeling the genuine love the author has toward her family and friends, as well as respect toward her past teachers.

(This review was translated into English from Korean)

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